Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Barak Obanker and Fed Chair Ben Banke

I try to add a new post when I read about some new outrage or insult to sensibility that comes across my desk here in die blogezimmer, my chilly unheated computer room in our log cabin in Jackson Hole. But I just can't keep up any more. From one outrage to the next insult, I'm simply overwhelmed. Barak told 60 minutes he didn't get elected to bail out fat cat bankers. Whaaaat?
Translation: I got elected to bail out fat cat bankers. The next day he sat in his oval orifice with a partial collection of those fat cats he bailed out begging:" Puleeze, pretty puleeeeze, make loans to our insolvent american economy because I am standing for re election in just a few years and we're running out of time to re-inflate the world's biggest debt machine." What I found interesting was that some of the biggest and fattest cats of all stayed home or had to be put on speakerphone, like Lloyd Blankfein of Goldman Sachs who was doing god's work by staying at home. And did you see who sat at the left hand of President Obanker? Why none other than the shadow president, Bob Rubin, lately of Goldman Sachs and Citigroup. Who does President Obanker think he's kidding? This is the same guy who took home the Nobel Peace Prize which this year was given to the biggest warlord in the world. And Ben Bernanke winning TIME's Man of the Year? I mean, how much cognitive dissonance can a body take? And this morning I see Senator John McCain proposing reinstatement of the Glass- Steagal Act which Bob Rubin tore up just 10 years ago. You know things are really in the toilet when you are agreeing with McCain/Palin on anything. Barak doesn't have much more time to throw the money changers out of the temple. We Americans may be stupid obese milling baying sheep but even sheep aren't that stupid and the sheep in this country are armed sheep and if I were a Goldman or a Sachs banker returning to my chalet in the Hamptons, I think I would be sleeping with my piece under my pillow.

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