Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Abandon hope all ye who enter here

This of course is the inscription for all who are entering hell in Dante's Divine Comedy. But there is nothing comical about President  Obama's deliberations over who should replace Larry "Lucifer" Summers as White House Director of the Council of Economic Sorcers. Multiple news orgaizations are naming the sorcerers under consideration to replace larry who could one day be remembered as one of the most economically destructive devils ever to bend the ear of a national leader. A number of economic commentators from Paul Krugman to Jim Kunstler have tried to cut our community organizer slack as he tries to learn the job blundering from one compromise to another with the ruling class of Wall Street Corporate and Finance Oligarchs.
       Among the men(not women ) under consideration is former JP Morgan executive William Daley and Gene Sperling, close compadre of Tim Geithner, and Roger Altman, who founded  investment bank Evercore Partners all of whom who have worked closely with Summers to perpetuate and protect and conceal  the mounting  losses and influence of the Wall Street banking establishment from from the American People. So Obama will make no mid course correction to resist the pernicious influence of the Federal banking Cartel. Wall street banksters have been enscounced in the past three administrations and they are maintaining their stranglehold on what passes for the tattered democracy of the United States. These men, the creators  who  invented toxic securitization of mortgages, nationalized Ponzi finance, free money to the investment casino banks and finally backstopping of their enormous losses by forcing them on helpless taxpayers remain in plac and in power. Obama could have demanded  Eric Holder at the justice department to prosecute the criminal TBTF bank executives for fraud in mortgage securitization and Mexican money laudering to just name a few possible avenues of inquiry. But why shoud Eric get off of his FA to investigate the very folks who own him and the legislative and executive branch. The corporate takeover of government was complete more than a decade ago and wishin' and hopin' that the corrupt military corpocracy will investigate itself is delusional thinking.
      Rep Joe Wilson shouted down Obama last year yelling "You Lie!". Change you can believe in, has been Obama's big lie.Abandon hope, all ye who live here.

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