Tuesday, February 14, 2017

I have a new post which is best viewed at my word press website           https://www.rendezvousmountainfarm.com/rip-the-oil-age/.
 I decided to post it in its entirety which came to 14 printed pages(egad!), way too long for a blog post I know. It is also a first draft and will need editing but I wanted to do a post which was a wrap up of my previous overly detailed  and long winded posts. My goal was try to integrate it into a comprehensive document of oil depletion analysis and how we here in Jackson might cope with these changes soon to be upon us. I intend to cover those coping strategies  and possible changes in greater detail in future posts, time permitting, but I wanted to get it out there now albeit in crude form. I will certainly make modifications in the future. I should say I pounded it out in one sitting, and it shows!

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