Tuesday, February 7, 2017


I am moving from my old wordpress.com site to a self hosted wordpress.org site which will be at  rendezvousmountainfarm.com. The old posts will be archived there from the old  cal48koho.wordpress.com blog. I will retain my blogger site: cal48koho.blogspot.com. In addition to occasional blog posts I will include  the amazing goings on at our little farm. Not much going on now except we are getting hammered by a winter of nonstop snow. The moose are eating our sheep hay despite my best efforts to keep them out and foxes are climbing to the top of our roofs almost every night. They found they can shelter under the 4' overhangs of the upper roofs. No need for ladders to get on the roofs any more. Just walk up from the ground. The house and greenhouses are getting very dark and gloomy with snow covering the doors and windows. If there was a winter to  acquire SAD, this would have to be it.

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