Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Cargo Bikes

I guess I will keep doing daily posts as long as this financial hurricane continues on its relentless path into, through and over our lives. The presidential debates were of low import with McCain wanted to Federalize bad mortgages of all stripes which would be trillions not billions and he will apparently do that by cutting taxes. Obama gave me a glimmer of hope when he listed energy as a top priority. The markets are still tanking everywhere and now a moment of silence for poor Iceland, the land of geothermal city heat, pretty women and volcanoes. Their debt to GDP ratio of 12:1 exceeds the current runner up, good ole US of A at only 3.5:1. Either the country of some or all of its banks may default as early as this week. So it's time for a cheery link from the LA Times:Cargobikes! Where can I get one? YOYO

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